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Our Sewage Program

The Hancock Public Health Department permits the construction of residential sewage systems through regulations set forth by the Ohio Department of Health.    
Types of Residential Systems:
  • Leach field, mound, drip and NPDES


                -Information for Homeowners

  • New – new lot

  • Replacement – replacing an entire failed existing system

  • Alteration – replace a septic tank
Process for getting a permit:
  1. Site Evaluation
  2. Soil Evaluation
  3. Design review
  4. Issue permit
Property Transfer Inspection
  • Also known as real estate inspections, are not required by the Health Department but by the lending agency.
  • Corrections must be made whether sale goes through or not.
  • List of Evaluators
  • Lot splits – works with Regional Planning in this process

The Hancock County Home Sewage Treatment Program is a function of the Hancock County Board of Health.


For the current state rules and information please click on the following link: OAC 3701-29

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