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Health Assessment Project

Be Healthy Now Hancock County is working closely with the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio and researchers at the University of Toledo to conduct the survey. Over the next two months, more than 3,000 Hancock County residents will be randomly selected to participate in surveys divided into two age groups, including parents of children under 11-years old, and adults 19-years and older. Residents of Hancock County who are randomly selected are urged to complete and return the survey.

The anonymous survey asks participants to answer questions about general health, risk and protective health factors, and access to health care. These answers will create a snapshot of the health of Hancock County. The results will guide many public and private agencies in their program planning over the next several years by identifying key health problems. The final community health assessment report will be published in the spring of 2019 at which time the results will be used to prioritize needs and create a community health improvement plan.

Be Healthy Now Hancock County is composed of many public and private agencies that make up the public health system. The partners include: Hancock Public Health, Blanchard Valley Health System, United Way of Hancock County, The Community Foundation, Hancock County ADAMHS Board, Findlay City Schools, Hancock County Schools and Educational Service Center, HHWP Community Action Commission, Hancock County Family and Children First Council, Findlay YMCA, The Ohio State University Extension Office, 50 North, and the City of Findlay Parks & Recreation.

2021 Community
Health Assessment

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Hancock County Community Health Assessment (CHA). A community’s quality of life is measured in many ways. Every measure includes its health status and having a healthier population leads to a higher quality of life for all. This assessment provides important details about the health of our community as it is:

* Local: it describes Hancock County

* Comprehensive: it assesses birth throughout adulthood

* Thorough: it describes personal health habits, risky behaviors, physical, mental and social health

* Actionable: the data can be used to guide programming and funding

* Measurable: the data can be compared to previous assessments and measured again in the future to evaluate progress and success.

2021 Community Health Assessment

2018 Community Health Assessment

2015 Community Health Assessment

Community Health Assessment FAQ

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