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Our Mission

Improving ourselves and our communities. Promoting Public Health and the prevention of disease. Protecting people and the environment.

Our Values

Accountability: We believe to achieve excellence, each member of our team must take ownership in its success and that we must be responsible to the community for implementing programs and strategies that improve the overall health of our population.

Integrity: We believe our integrity reflects an ability to:
             • Be honest in our word
             • Timely in our commitments
             • Comprehensive in our work

Quality: We will strive to meet recognized performance measures while always seeking new opportunities to improve our service and quality of work.

Teamwork: We believe people are our most valuable resource.  We must establish a culture of trust, cooperation and teamwork to allow them the ability to perform at their highest potential possible.

Our Vision

Hancock Public Health will be the recognized leader in population health by tracking and measuring health outcomes and recognizing patterns of health determinants, and thereafter implementing policies and interventions that link the two.

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