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Crushed Plastic Bottles

and Solid Waste

Solid Waste

Hancock Public Health is an Ohio EPA approved solid waste district, therefore inspections are provided by Hancock Public Health on all licensed solid waste landfills, composting facilities, and generators of infectious waste.  The Ohio EPA completes yearly audits on the health department to make sure regulations are being enforced.  Hancock Public Health also conducts solid waste nuisance complaints.  

Hancock Public Health also registers solid waste haulers that pick up solid waste within Hancock County.  Solid waste haulers renew their registration yearly in October.  

Hancock Public Health is a member of Hancock County’s Solid Waste Management District.



Nuisance Complaint Form

Nuisance Complaints

These are complaints usually pertaining to possible public health hazards within the county. Following are examples of nuisance complaint criteria:

  • Accumulations of trash and debris on a property

  • Sewage ponding on a property or spilling into a creek, ditch, etc. 

  1. Obtain a complaint form (A copy of this form has been placed on this website to the left).

  2. Fully complete all pertinent sections of the form.

  3. Ensure to provide the exact address and owner of the property as well as all nuisance conditions present on the property.

  4. SIGN the form.

  5. Return the form to the Health Department. 

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